If you want to go into web development with ease and no boundaries to which components you want to use, then dig into Padrino. Padrino is super interesting, but there aren't a lot of docs available. This book is a practical approach to learn Padrino to craft your web applications with joy and fun.

  • Author

  • Matthias Günther loves Vim and painting Warhammer figures

    Matthias is an Open Sourcer by heart, loves giving presentations about Vim, and is writing this book about Padrino. Why? Because he wants learn something other than Rails, something light weight, flexible, powerful, and fast. These are the strenghts of Padrino. Matthias is writting this book with much help of the community and is contributing to Padrino.

    Contact Matthias directly via mail mailto:matthias@padrinobook.com.or on twitter

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  • I'm writing this book with much help of the community. Instead of waiting until the book is finished you can see the source, watch the online version, join the mailing list, post a pull request, visit the fanpage, or follow @padrinobook.

  • Written words:
    • 2014-07-29: 2 words - at version 0.12.2 in the book
    • 2014-07-28: replaced PADRINO_ENV with RACK_ENV, fixed github name on some links
    • 2014-07-27: Get rid of clutter words part two + file names/path for all codes examples
    • 2014-07-26: Get rid of clutter words part one
    • 2014-07-25: 40 words - check_box_tag for remember me function
    • 2014-07-21: 101 words - infobox about cookies

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