User Profile and HTML Version of the Book July 2014


I was thinking a lot about the brand and how to push the page forward. Marketing was (and still is) new for me and I learned so many thinks from it, that this will be the content for another post or mail.

Now see what I did during the last couple of months:

  • Installed the new logo on every platform
  • Changed my github name from matthias-guenther to wikimatze because that is name I use everywhere
  • Renamed the github URL from padrino-book to padrinobook
  • Merged the user-profile branch into master and learned that is not a good idea to work with branches for a long time because it makes the integration of other contributors more difficult
  • Add newsletter-archive section so you can read older entries from the mailing list
  • Create a facebook fanpage
  • Switched from leanpub to softcover
  • Get rid of numbering the sections of the book and reorder whole chapters
  • Add the book logo into the README

I thank all the readers of the mailing list for giving me feedback about the book. In order to make contributing easier I created a free available HTML Version of the book under Please let me know if you like this way of contributing.

Now enjoy watching the soccer worldcup finale game and have a good start in the week.

Best regards,