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Switched to Padrino 0.12.2 and fixing a lot of clutter words


during the last two weeks I was fixing a lot of grammar problems int the book and removed clutter words like easy, however, so, or just. I have even written a blog post about how to Highlight Bad Words In Vim.

I got used to GitHub issues as my workflow when I detect problems during my writting which I don't want to fix right now but later. If you found an issue, feel free to post it PadrinoBook issues

A code smell is part of your source code which may be the root of a design problem but is not actually a bug. It's good to have some tools to be "lord of the smells" for Padrino. I've written about possible tools under "Code Coverage Tools For Padrino". Since I have a small side section about code coverage tools in the book so, would it okay for you to have a link to the article in the book instead of putting the content directly in the book? Please write me your opinion under matthias@padrinobook.com.

In the last weekend it was eurucamp 2014 time.

Luca Guide explaining lotusrb

I went there and visited a workshop from Luca Guidi about the lotus framework which is similar to Padrino but has some differences. Would you like to have a chapter in the book explaining more the differences between Padrino and other frameworks like Lotus? Write me your opinion directly per mail matthias@padrinobook.com or via twitter (@wikimatze).

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