Progress June 2013


another two weeks have passed by and finally the spring is coming. As mentioned in the last newsletter, Tom Parandyk from made an awesome job and created a modern branding for the book logo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I also managed to refresh the layout of the twitter account with the new brand - I'm very happy about having 22 followers. Hopefully this number will increase very fast.

The application around the book job-vacany was upgraded to padrino 0.12 and it is still working as well as the tests.

Last but not least I wrote an article about Deploying Padrino Applications On Heroku Feel free to read it and learn how you can bring your applications into the real world.

That's it for today, enjoy the rest of the week. You will hear from me in two weeks.

Kindly regards,

Matthias Günther