Progress March 2014


I finally got an own mail address from which the updates are send now. I also add a "Recent commit" section as a reminder to see the last commits for the book.

Designing a logo is not so difficult, all you need is to have a name, a slogan, and some design in your head. You can see results on logos, thanks for the feedback on twitter I got from Nathan Esquenazi.

I made some small improvement on the website and made it more responsive. According to your device, a different version of the logo is loaded.

When I finished designing the logo, Tom Parandyk from honored my effort in creating a logo but offered me his help to create a more modern branding. I'm very happy that he is going to help me and I will update the page as soon as the logo is ready.

For the next two weeks, I'm planning to finish the chapter about edit the user profile, write a blog post about deploying padrino applications for heroku and anynines - that is a thing which should be easy to do with Padrino. And I think of updating the book to padrino 0.12.

Have a good start in the week and you will hear from me in two weeks.

Kindly regards,

Matthias Günther