Introduction and Setup

Why another book about how to develop an application (app) in Rails? But wait, this book should give you a basic introduction on how to develop a web app with Padrino. Padrino is "The Elegant Ruby Web Framework". Padrino is based upon Sinatra, which is a simple Domain Specific Language for quickly creating web apps in Ruby. When writing Sinatra apps many developers miss some of the extra conveniences that Rails offers, this is where Padrino comes in as it provides many of these while still staying true to Sinatra's philosophy of being simple and lightweight. In order to understand the mantra of the Padrino webpage: "Padrino is a full-stack ruby framework built upon Sinatra" you have to read on.





We have covered a lot of stuff in this chapter: installing the Padrino gem, finding the right tools to manage different Ruby versions, and creating our first Padrino app. Now it is time to jump into a real project!